December 16, 2011

Land of Rivers.

I've tried to make some sharper photos from the 'Land of Rivers'
embroiderie; the result is quite better now but not yet Sharp sharp,
and I've noticed a bit too late that there was a grease stain on the lens,
so there's a blurry spot at the top of the work
and therefore, the isolated red house seems to be shrouded in a fog bank,
how poetic :^)

have a look at my flickr for more detail

Luis Camnitzer
Land of Rivers
Have a nice weekend all!


  1. that is amazing,you are so good

  2. these are so beautiful, each in its own isolation

  3. Isn't it so hard to photograph textiles?! These came out beautifully though. Very clear and bright.

  4. elke keer weer
    word ik blij van de sfeer,
    de kleuren, de combinaties
    en de zwart/wit foto's
    ik wil hier wonen!

    goed weekend!

  5. i'm always really impressed with your embroideries. really powerful. congrats.

  6. hele mooie post renilde, de foto's zien er heel goed uit!

  7. As always beautiful. The last photo is very amusing!

  8. Oh,mooi..zo mooi..ik word er rustig van als ik er naar kijk.Het heeft iets utopisch :)

  9. such a lovely embroidery.
    with or without the grease stain...very poetic indeed!

  10. schoon schoon schoon met of zonder waas
    ook intrigerende foto van Camnitzer

  11. It really does look wonderful Renilde. Love the last photo too :) Kx

  12. Hello,
    I love your embroidery and find it so whimsical and wonderful. I'm wondering what you do with them? Are they then framed or sewn together ever?
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful life,
    Rachael from San Francisco

  13. o-o, die borduursels zijn erg mooi!
    Leuke link ook, van die Luis.