December 02, 2011

Some furs...

... of imaginary beings.
Image above, fur of a Lunar Hare or Moon Rabbit.
The hare is believed to live for a thousand years and to
turn white in its old age.

Manticore fur
you can go to my flickr for larger images.

(I've found these animals in The Book of Imaginary Beings.)

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Thank you helicopter6 :^)

Have a nice weekend all!


  1. I love these Renilde!! They are so fabulous!
    Thanks for showing them and that book looks wonderful.

  2. mooi, mooi!
    net als de benaming

    fijn weekend!

  3. You're very very welcome -- and I love these! Totally enjoying the little stories/scenarios you create when you make your work. The lunar hare is particularly wonderful!

  4. huis mortier staat op de website van de standaard! fijn voor jullie!

  5. Cool to present them like a relict from ancient animals. It would be actually fun if a hairstyle like that came into fashion now. It would be much better than all those wrecky looking dyed hair.

  6. love the secon one, would be good for a cold winter

  7. i like these furs. and especially when i imagine, that those imaginary animals have given their furs volunteerly;" oh i don´t need this one anymore, i will grow a new one. here, you can have it Renilde". ;)

  8. wow, that`s fantastic, really like it a lot.

  9. Beautiful! There is a shawl from the japanese company Kapital that has pieces of fur poking out. It's lovely.

  10. these are just magical.
    happy holidays! *