July 13, 2010

The garden.

some photos of my terrace:
coeur de boeuf tomatos, parsley and chives.

coriander which has bolted...

and also the marjoram, but that's ok; the flowers
attract bumblebees, which i need to fertilize my
tomato plants.

mint and cherries from the supermarket.


  1. What is it with coriander? It's one of my favourite plants - love to use in my cooking, but I'll be damned if I could ever grow (and harvest) a vaguely substantial amount.. My husband and I have even run an organic farm, so our fingers are pretty green, but no, no no... the dhanya never gets with the programme.

  2. mine is also too poor to harvest, so I let it bloom, it's my favourite herb too, good there are plenty of Maroccan shops here :-)

  3. oh, thanks...these photos are just killing me! a small fly totally destroyed my garden last year and it happened same this year. we live close to the garden market and i assume it's from there.
    your photos look like from magazine or something... seriously - congratulations on the garden like that!

  4. however big or small, a garden is a universe unto itself - a wonderful escape i think!

  5. Lovely little garden :) I have problems with my coriander too... well, with everything really ;) The possums around here eat everything! Enjoy your beautiful garden Renilde. Kx

  6. Lovely lit stuffs. They all look so cute and so fresh.

  7. we love your garden!!

  8. everything is growing so well now. i don´t have a garden, but little something on my window cill; herbs and flowers are celebrating during these hot summer days. just i need to remember to give them water every day..
    looks very nice there:)

  9. In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful.

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