December 30, 2009

On my free day.

I'm always full of good intentions of what i'm
going to do on my free day, such as finishing off
all the stuff that i once have started, like these
little patchworks for example. The one on the first
pic only needs 5min. more i guess.
But you know how it goes on a free day, you stay
a bit longer in bed, you take your time to have
breakfast, hanging around in your pyjamas,
have some reading and check the post.
Eventually you take your morningshower at noon,
then you stay in front of your stove, warming up your
backside in deep contemplation about life and your
objectives :) etc. etc.
OK, i just wanted to say, before you know it is already
3 in the afternoon, so you have one more hour of daylight.
Now comes the stress :(
I messed up the bird, not this one but the red version.
I messed up the dress i was making, but it reminded me
to much of a nun's habit anyway.
To cut a long story short: i did nothing.

Something cheering to end: this beautiful pattern
is the reverse of the one above, i got it from the second-
handshop, department men's ties. You should go
and see there if you like crazy little patterns!
Still don't know what i'm gonna do with the bird,
it really needs a finishing touch.
I'm open to suggestions!!
Have a happy New Year's Eve!
See you next year.


  1. Those are the days where you are just supposed to do nothing, just chill out. it is what I understood from those days :)
    the bird is beautiful, so much that I would simply frame it...happy 2010 to you. X

  2. Precisely! Free days are yours to do or not do
    however you like. Free from burdens,
    obligations, and guilt. :-)
    Happy 2010
    from me
    to you.

  3. everything looks so perfect already !

    i love you, you do magic, dear renilde

    and and most of all, happy new year

  4. i know exactly what you me with regards to free days! the intention to do more is always there though ; ) have a lovely new years. i really enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing what you are up to in 2010 x

  5. Ha ha ha. It's not funny but it really is! I have that exact same feeling around 3.00pm, that dread of "oh my goodness, I've done nothing". I try and calm myself down by telling myself, whatever I did that day was more than enough, and it was all good! Even if it meant just making a cup of tea. It works - mostly, well, for a little while. ha ha. I love your work by the way. :)

  6. Heb precies hetzelfde, en het is al sinds kerstmis. Heb me er bij neergelegd en ga zondag weer vol goede moed aan het werk.(krijg door het niets doen wel heel veel nieuwe ideeen) Gelukkig nieuwjaar!

  7. happy new year to you too!

  8. I totally recognize myself :)

    Happy 2010!

  9. Hebben we niet allemaal hetzelfde; we hebben 'vrij', plannen te veel, doen wat moet gebeuren trager. Ik denk niet meer in termen van mislukken. Gewoon afstand nemen en het anders bekijken. De grootste dingen zijn vaak na mislukkingen of vergissingen ontstaan.
    En vanavond in tien stappen het nieuwe jaar betreden. Veel geluk!

  10. the bird looks already perfect! there`s nothing to ad!

  11. oh gosh. i can TOTALLY relate. all is well. *

  12. Happy New Year to you!I am looking forward to all the lovelies in your blog!
    Annamaria xx


    Do not ever feel guilty about 'doing nothing'.

    For a creative person, 'doing nothing' is preparing for the next great. Quiet time is essential...give in to it.

    happiest of days, DIANE

  14. Happy New Year, Renilde!

    I am having a New Year's give away so stop by if you like.

  15. haha
    That is almost exactly how my free days end up, too!
    In terms of the bird...I do like it as is...maybe just adding one more color somehow? A little red or golden yellow?

    Happy New Year!

  16. while keeping still and silent,
    doing nothing,
    spring will come and grass will grow
    all by itself ;)

  17. these pieces of patchwork are so nice.
    i'd frame the bird, i can't see anything wrong with it!
    happy new year Renilde!