December 01, 2009

Arthur's dreams.

Do you ever had fantasies how it would feel
to be inside the brain of a doll?
I sometimes wonder if they do have their
desires, fears and little traumas too , just as we
humans have to go through in our lifetime.
The pics i'm showing here are of course pure
speculation, i made them without Arthur's
knowledge, he would kill me if he knew.
This series of 7 belong to my viewmaster project,
provided that these are not my viewmaster pics
but those of Arthur.
The 'Arthur's N O S' on the photo up here stands for
'Arthur's neverending overdose of slides', i made
this up while posting this, if you know someting
better for 'N O S', please tell me, my english
vocabulary's still very limited.
Have a nice evening and sweet dreams :-)

e n d .


  1. I am a grown woman who still feels dolls and stuffed animals must have some sort of awareness ... I know it is not possible, though I still cannot help myself :^)

    Love your blog and creativity...

  2. dit maakt mijn dag goed! het deed me denken (vooral de foto met de pindanoten) aan ons vakantiekamp, thema 'barbie' en we kondigden iedere dag het menu aan op een andere manier, o.a. stukje film, foto's, raadseltje....
    maar dit verhaal is weer heel erg genieten

  3. You have the most wonderful mind!! So full of fun. xoxo

  4. It was expected that it would be a pretty chick that occupies his brain. And a silly guy to be jealous at.
    You inspire me.

  5. Love it :) It looks like they are getting up to all sorts of adventures! K

  6. hij is echt heel erg verliefd, he.

  7. i´m an old woman with soft head or brain, if you prefer. even my machines have soul, and a will of their own, so of course dolls and all soft stuff have it too.

    you always capture them so beautifully!

    thank you, and sweet dreams!

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  9. what an incredibly imaginative post. i love this. *

  10. Let me try to imagine youngest daughter turned eight but she still has a girl-bear that she has had since she was two- I am her yes, I often try to imagnine what she thinks...;)its a lovely world in there- or so I want it to be...

  11. Neverending Overdose of Slides is just right!

  12. awesome. especially love the b&w.

  13. But of course dolls and toys have consciousness! They get up in the early hours of the morning and have great tea parties and discuss us and our clothes and our houses and so forth. I like this series! But who is Arthur?

  14. hahaha ik heb hier heel heel hard mee moeten lachen, reinilde.
    tot gauw. xv.

  15. to Anairam: Arthur is the wooden doll. you can read more about him in 'Pretty Girl'

  16. ....absolutely fantastic ! ...I LOVE the feather on pinochios nose , or is it an angel ?