December 29, 2009

Royal mail from UK.

I almost couln't believe my eyes when opening
this present box from the lovely Alessandra.
Everything was wrapped in beautiful papers with
nice strings and buttons and a handmade little bag!
Have a look.
One nice Clipper organic green tea, i love that Clipper

A card with nice words and drawings.

A mushroom book, only the edible ones.
This is a picture of the ones we were hunting for.

A book of ships.

I recycled the wrapping material to make a wild
and stormy see and...

... a detail of the wrappingpaper to make a viewmaster pic.
Thank you so much Alessandra!
x x x


  1. wauw, zelfs het inpakpapier is heel erg leuk!

  2. hee renilde, wij ook een pak van alessandra! zie blog! en clipper thee is de beste!!! tot morgen x x x

  3. hello renilde...thank you! :))) you make things look magical. I love your boat in the sea...and I'm glad you like green tea! XOXO

  4. How wonderfully creative you are!

  5. Ok, this is a very fun package. Lucky you!

  6. I just love your wild stormy sea! It's gorgeous! and Alessandra's papers are divine. Thanks for sharing this ... sooo lovely!

  7. oh, how nice! Alessandra is the sweetest!

  8. how lucky you are! everything looks just beautiful. hope you have a wonderful new year. :)

  9. You know they are doing a special tin of that tea over here in the UK. Its looks exactly like the box.

  10. Koninklijke post. Heel koninklijke post. Ik zou me ook bekroond voelen met die hartelijke pakjes. Stap genietend tien binnen.