May 23, 2013

then and now

it's nice to go in time every now and then to see how the plants have evolved; especially with cacti and succulents I always have the feeling that there's really no movement in their growth...
but that is not true!
The photo above was taken in April 2012; I just had bought a sedum, but it ended between the bicycle weel during my trip home from the flower shop

... the ugly duckling today :)


  1. always nice to come back to your space
    and find your plants' life. i so love
    then and the way you present. thanks renilde.
    i love succulents and cactus too. they are
    strong plants, provide lots of moisture
    and even protect other plants when i planted
    then together.
    will look forward to see more of your garden life.
    have a lovely sunny weekend.

  2. oh that ugly duckling is almost a swan now! :)

  3. thanks ladies :)
    more garden life soon!

  4. When I bought one of my succulent plants I got a little piece of donkey tail cutting baby in there and now it is growing into itself. I can't wait until it gets bigger!!