January 27, 2010

Arthur's rhyme.

i'm working on my flickr, i made my first sets yesterday
evening, one is called 'While i'm sleeping', featuring
Arthur as the leading man; it is a set about dreams
and desires and the mystery of life, which can be really hard,
but wonderful at the same time.

This silly rhyme came popping up in my brain this morning,
when i was still in bed; I tried to imagine how a poem would
sound in case it was made by a doll, like Arthur.

to see the flickr slideshow click here.

(flickr under construction)

sweet dreams :-)
( Arthur's rhyme is a blue one )


  1. oh oh oh
    now i'm gonna be busy adding stars on your pictures

    sweet dream, dear renilde


  2. Just beautiful :)) I love the way you look at things Renilde and your slideshow was so much fun. I've added you as a contact. K

  3. wat mooi renilde, arthur is een ware poëet!

  4. merci he Renild, das schoon heel schoon!zje

  5. magical and mysterious. lovely.

  6. you are such a wonderful and crazy lady!
    i have been to one of my favourite shops today, they sell anything antic out of fabric, it made me think about you, cause you do have this total commitment for handmade details that i always found there and is very rare these days.
    i am happy your blog exists!

  7. What fun you are! There's a pencil drawing in that Flickr set that I just love so much...

  8. this is all very nice here on your blog!
    I've not come over for a while and now I can discover so many things!

  9. I am sorry I look so stupid in barrets. That one is beautiful. So I leave the luck to win to some one else.
    That Arthur is a sympathetic guy. He has such human worries and happiness.

  10. very fabulously interesting, mysterious and poetic. Love the inspirations . . .


  11. beautifully written and lovely to be back on your blog after not being here for awhile. Thanks x