January 16, 2010

Stellet licht.

I borrowed these snow photos from W, who has taken
them some time ago at his brother's farm.
They remind me of 'Silent Light', a movie that has left a
deep impression on me;
the story's very simple, it is about a family man (Johan)
who falls in love with another woman.
At a certain moment Johan, a very religious man,
seeks advice from his father;
they are both men of few words, but after some time, the
father says 'lets go outside and watch the snow'
And that is what they do, they go out and watch the snow.

The film begins with a breathtakingly beautiful sunrise,
click here and take your time.

The photo with the seal is mine.


  1. so calm and peaceful
    i love your winter

    happy happy weekend, dear renilde


  2. Thank-you for that sunrise.

    I love to follow your blog, you make such beautiful things :)

  3. so serene and mellow. lovely!

  4. Renilde, these are beautiful images. I think the first is my favourite just because of the quiet in it. I must check that film out now. Sounds amazing! :)

  5. beautiful and serene. perfect for a sunday

  6. inderdaad die film is indrukwekkend maar deze fotos ook

  7. blijf ons overdonderen met deze tips, Renilde. zo mooi.

  8. the first photo is like a painting. the time has stopped, beautiful.
    i like the silence what snow brings when it comes and covers the city.

  9. I love the calm and peace of these pictures. I've seen "Silent Light" and it was really impressive to me.

  10. The sunrise is really magnificent-thank you Renilde-(but what happens at the end of the movie?)-
    Annamaria xx

  11. thanks for sharing this piece of beauty renilde...I really needed it.
    The passage of time . light , space .......bliss

  12. to caramela: Johan's wife, Ester dies of grief but comes back alive; it sounds ridiculous, but you really have to see the film to view this in the proper context.
    Reygadas says the film is a homage to Dreyer's 'Orded', another story about faith and love; i've never seen Orded.

  13. so beautiful - really beautiful!

  14. jaaa prachtige liefdesfilm (waren het mennonieten??? :-\).
    ...goh, ik zou m nog eens moeten gaan zien

  15. sooo want to see that film now _ thanks!