January 10, 2010

Big wardrobe cleanup.

I know a perfect way to create those tiny well organised drawers
( in order to compose my thoughts and to develop self-control :)
only have to clean up my place, that's simple,
a neat place stands for a bright mind :)
Problem is, can't throw anything away; that goes also
for my wardrobe, even when the garments have become far too
tight or too girlish for my age.
OK, i made a decision, I'm having a big cleanup and will post
in the next following weeks all the knitwear i once made that
are worth while of showing here.
Only need to make the photos ...

This is my crammed wardrobe, and...

...these are not my legs, i wish they were.
The same for the shoes!

The advertisement comes from Chris Ware's


  1. me too ! ....tidying up to find space in my mind to move forward ...good luck renilde you can do it !

  2. I love your mobile! I made one of cardboard and wire last year with my friend.
    I'd love to have one made by you once. :)

  3. oh and good luck! :)

  4. can't wait to see all the knitwear.
    i feel like i am the tidying up sysiphos, if i am not working i am obsessed with it cause i want to get my mind free for the real things, but it feels like there is no end...
    i sorted out our wardrobe between the years, it is a whole room, i've been announcing it for 2 months and had several incompleted attempts!
    Now my car is crammed with bags, each one meant for another 2nd hand shop or place of donation, i am sure this will take me another 2 months to finally get rid of it.
    did you wore flipflops recently?
    so your home must be warm again, wish you a wonderful week!

  5. Het is alsof ik mijn eigen dag teruglees:) Ben helaas nog niet erg ver gekomen. Eerst maar eens een mooi kastje aanschaffen. Ben benieuwd naar wat je gaat posten!

  6. I have spent many hours clearing out my house over the past week - enjoy it if you can! :)

  7. I love this post! made me laugh...I should write to those people in Texas!
    I'm cleaning too here, I just started from the living room...now is total chaos, it will take a couple of days.
    Good luck with your beginning of the year cleanings :)

  8. ha! it seems my entire house is a disorganised shitpile! it rather torments me. i sometimes think if i just did one drawer or one cupboard a day then i might get there eventually. yes, i will do this, you've inspired me.

  9. And that great mobile of yours.

  10. have fun cleaning ; ) i look forward to seeing your knitwear. and i really like the sound of the easy dress you posted about below. you will have to show how it went. enjoy your day x

  11. good-luck!
    its always good to make space at the beginning of the year,
    those are some high shoes!

  12. Oh, I understand so well! I also decided to declutter a bit this year - started last week on my wardrobe - but it is SO difficult! Some stuff goes into the bag, then I take it out again - I keep on thinking that I must be able to use it for something! I think it comes from being born in an era with the ethos 'Waste Not Want Not'.

  13. oh yes. I've done the 'big purge' and although very difficult and painful at times... it feels very very good now.

    Cleansed. And light.

    go for it.

  14. Good luck! You will feel so much better when it's over. In the U.S. I donate my clothes to Goodwill, help people out and get a tax receipt to boot. Do you have it in your country? Happy New Year!

  15. Go for it! De-clutter and be happy!
    (if only it were that simple :) - it works though!)

  16. Oh, good look! I like the pictures.

  17. i love that picture of the shoes. and how exciting to be in the mood to organize things. i need to do that just about everywhere in my house. can't wait to see your pix. :::

  18. sometimes clutter overwhelms me too,
    even when i do manage to clear out my wardrobe i quickly acquire more to cram into the cleared space, yours looks full of cozy things but good luck!
    x ashley