January 09, 2010

Someting warm.

The frosty cold will last for at least one more week,
because of the wind they forecast -10°C!!!
Good gracious, don't know how i will get through
another week of freezing weather!
Poor achy head of mine, need painkillers almost everyday.
Anyway, i bought some woolen fabric yerterday
to make a very easy dress . I only have to sew the front
and the back together and set in the sleeves, no zippers.


Can't make up a name for that cute crocheted garment on the first
photo, depicting zjé's aunt J. when she was a young girl.
Any suggestions?

Keep warm !


  1. i would call it a boléro. it is a nice word i think and very feminine.
    i would love a woolen dress. happy sewing!

  2. zo mooi renilde! wist niet dat je thuis was. ik wil ook zoiets als tante zje!

  3. i drink milk coffee and fat baby finger sweets and and little caramel chocolat cakes to keep myself warm

    have a nice saturday, dear renilde


  4. to Caterine: of course a bolero!!
    to Mieke: ik moet morgen werken, inventaris :(
    to Oly: keep warm out there in Paris:)

  5. can't wait to see the dress! a simple woolen cocoon seems like just what i need to keep warm too, it was 12 degrees F here this morning ;n)

  6. Hello from Paris where it's freezing too...!

    A shoulderette is the first word that came to me seeing this crocheted piece :)

  7. He Renild,spijtig maar ik ben dat schoon meisje niet,eigenlijk weet ik zelfs ni wie dat is. Foto komt uit een rommelwinkel uit Herentals. Wie weet komen we langs deze weg te weten wie dat mooie meisje is!

  8. aan Zjé: De Wie zei mij dat het julie tante José is, ze ziet er ook heel Willems uit.
    Misschien een verre voorouder :)

  9. ...a shrug,tabard ....
    a woolen dress sounds very sensible , it is -12 degrees here and its hard to keep going ...keeping busy is the only way , milky coffee and cakes a must !

  10. Your antie reminds me of Shirley Temple!
    Bolero I would say or mini gilet?
    Although we have the heating on, almost all day, this house is quite cold, with various temperatures depending on the rooms, in the bathroom we've got penguins!...that is quite common in english houses...anyway to keep warm I wear wollen socks, a scarf and sometimes even a hat...can imagine how sad is that??? and my husband goes around with a sleeveless puff jacket!!!

  11. mm, sweet photo.

    i'd love to hear and see more about that woolen dress. it sounds just like a project for me.

  12. I don't know what the garment would be called but I like the look in your young aunt's face- that hardly !restrained naughtiness...THE JOY!
    As for the dress- you make it sound do simple!!!Can't wait to see how it turns out-
    Annamaria :)

  13. you could have coffee with me...

  14. That bolero, shrug, tabard or mini gilet thing, they make something like that today, I see it in clothes stores around, but it looks more like a vest, or mini-vest, it is as minimal like this bolero, doesn't work for anything, decorates the body. And I like it.

    Regarding your headaches, do you have them from sewing, embroidering and stuff? I used to have it, finally I was so depressed that it would get only worse so I started excercising Pilates with a video and to my surprise it works. NO HEADACHES AT ALL!!!

  15. to Magda: my head's really my trouble spot, i'm having migraines since i was a kid, but lately i suffer sinusitis, that cold weather's doing no good for me. My therapies are tai-chi and accupuncture.

  16. that's my kind of sewing, simple (well in theory :)

    i think that little cardigan is called a bolero, a crochet bolero!

  17. can i recommend silk thermals? and lots of chamomile tea with a little honey. be warm dear Renilde!

  18. Silk thermals sound wonderful nath :). I have chillblains, red, swollen itchy chillblains.. it's freezing here too now. I'm drinking ruby red rosehip tea with honey...

  19. so sweet :)
    good luck with the dress :)

  20. those thermals sound wonderful indeed, maybe i should try it, are they really silk??
    Thanks for the good advice everybody, seems lots of you suffer from the cold. What about the jacket, i will name it a 'bolero' :)

  21. Renilde, je hebt nood aan licht dat de krokusjes laat ontwaken uit de winterslaap en veel warmte. En dat kunnen we niet borduren. Spijtig. Hou je warm.
    zjékrans? (voor het mooie haakwerk van tanteke)

  22. i´m also wearing every woolen thing what i have at the moment. wool, silk, kashmir.. just name it, i´m wrapping in to it. it has been something between -15 and -19 in helsinki lately. nice weather to stay in..
    sunshine to your new year!

  23. yes, they are really silk. and yes, they are really warm. very thin so it's quite amazing how they work. i want to coccoon myself in them entirely.

  24. to nath: wow, i'm gonna buy me one tomorrow!

  25. hee renhilde, wat bedoel je daar precies met er heel willems uit zien?
    hihi. veel opruimsucces, dat lijkt hier nog een paar jaren te duren. .
    tot gauw xv

  26. ok, you can call it bolero,
    but it´s nuttu too ;)

    beautiful photo- ilikeitilikeit.
    keep warm!

  27. I would have to say anything you come up with will be great! i love your blog!