August 25, 2012


It was somewhere in February that Hermine from JOURNAL DE JOURS asked me if I wanted to contribute to a project for her graduation; I immediately said yes, without hesitation :)

The starting point for her project was the same letter package that some people would receive, containing some inspiration images that Hermine had chosen for us, together with small coloured scraps, yarn and fabric patches. The mission was to create something new from the materials provided or to be inspired by it. You can read more about the project on her blog.
to get activated, because I had no clue of what I wanted to make, I started making photos of the pictures that were in the letter, combining them with junk that I've found in my studio and funny shadows that appeared on sunny days.

My end product was a jabot made of bubble wrap and scraps of painted fabric, pinned on a yellow blouse that I had started years ago and never finished,
it is finished now :^)
Thank you Hermine!


  1. So sensitively done- exquisite!

  2. heel mooi werk vind ik dat!

  3. Those images are sensational Renilde! and I love the jabot you made :) It really *pops* on the yellow blouse. How fabulous to collaborate like that. Nice work. Kx

  4. And it's so so magnifique !!

  5. prachtig! quelle belle collaboration.

  6. ik vind het zo mooi
    zo licht en de kleuren

    ik zag de post al bij hermine
    zo'n mooi idee en
    de verschillende resultaten
    mooi, mooi!

  7. and the result is beautiful... what a wonderful collaboration! x

  8. your work is lovely!
    I was so happy to make work for this project, Hermine is very talented too! I like how we all made really different pieces :)

  9. I love it all but especially love the yellow neon thread. I can't find anything like that in cotton or in anything that doesn't unravel. Would love the info for the yellow neon floss.

  10. to Rachael: the neon thread is from the brand DMC, they sell it in every hobbyshop; however it is not cotton.