August 17, 2011

A mixed lot, part 5

I'm feeling quite uncomfortable because of the
missing parcel, there's really little chance it will
arrive before the end of the show, if it will arrive
at all :(
Luckily I've made a whole pile of photos before the
shipping; you will see them here after the show is past.
And luckily I'm also featured in the accompanying catalogue
of the exhibition; in case you want to order one, have
a look here.

So, in anticipation of the real stuff, I still have the
trick of the mixed lot :^)

- mieke's pilea peperomioides is doing very well,
so it needs a bigger pot soon.
- made a matching necklace for my plain orange blouse.
- browsing l'Atelier Brancusi, more nice pictures here.
- stones & flowers
- bought a small & cheap ceramic vase in the garden centre,
wild carrot.



  1. You must be so disappointed about that lost package. I can't believe that it still hasn't arrived! I was really looking forward to seeing your part of the exhibition in person. I hope that you at least get it back. You just can't place a value on something like this, can you?

  2. Lovely collection of photos Renilde. I can't believe it still hasn't turned up!! Surely it must do soon. Did I tell you that things I've ordered are taking forever to arrive in Australia? I have no idea what's going on but it's been terrible. Cross fingers it will appear soon. Kx

  3. thank you Belinda and Kylie,
    let's hope the missing is due to these delays,
    cross fingers :)

  4. Now that you say that Kylie - I am also waiting unusually long for some international packages to arrive, and I just read on the blog of someone who sells things from the US that two other people have noticed that international packages are taking a VERY long time to arrive over the past few months - like when they used to take a week they are taking months lately.

    So perhaps something unusual is happening at the moment. Not that it makes it any nicer for you Renilde!

  5. Oh, wauw, al zoveel blaadjes aan de plant-die-je-van-Mieke-kreeg ! En die nieuwe ketting ziet er ook prachtig uit.

  6. nog steeds niet?
    maar je foto's zijn weer fijn!
    dat plantje kan ik hier nergens vinden
    en het vaasje in de laatste foto....

  7. so sad, irritating, sad!
    really hope that it will turn up soon!

    nice necklace :)

  8. Atelier Brancusi: heerlijk!
    En 'k ben een beetje jaloers van dat Mieke Willems plantje.
    Maar wat verdomd vervelend dat jouw pakket nog altijd niet is aangekomen: ik hoop voor jou dat het snel terug opduikt!

  9. (Proficiat Renilde, met je 10-jaar-d-&-k ! Ik zag vandaag je foto in het weekbericht, zo leuk. )

  10. ha! werkte je in gent vandaag? :^)

  11. aan Patrice en Els: de plantjes maken opnieuw kleine scheutjes, dus als jullie eens naar Antwerpen komen :^)

  12. Renilde, ik vind het echt naar voor jou het hele gedoe rond jouw mooie werk voor de tentoonstelling. Wie weet komt het toch nog op zijn bestemming.
    Ik geniet wel van de mooie beelden die je hier samenbracht. Heb een fijn weekend, we kunnen weer buiten!

  13. I was really looking forward to seeing your part of the exhibition in person,very good!
    I like it more than cartier rings

  14. Can you tell me what the plant is in the first picture please? My friend gave me one like it but nether of us have any idea what it is. Love your blog and your work!