August 13, 2011

Little men.

I've found again this snapshot of Joe, taken
on a summer's day in the late afternoon, about
two years ago; the photo reminds me a bit of
'The Incredible Shrinking Man' ; I've seen that movie
long time ago, very long time ago, so I only remember
the man starts to shrink, maybe to atomic size:
Closing Monologue.

And bought a water hyacint to make a small
aquarium, the dino is plastic :)

Have a nice weekend all!


  1. die vrouw met dienen bloempot op haar hoofd? ge moet het maar kunnen zeg.

  2. mooie post! mooie foto's ook!

  3. Those photos are just fantastic, Renilde. I haven't seen the movie but it looks fun :) Have a good weekend! Kx

  4. I love the lady with the flower pot on her head!
    And although I haven't seen the whole film I posted some images from the incredible shrinking man on my blog a while ago...

  5. At swim one dino:) Happy weekend to you to. R

  6. to gemma: the photo was made by Kopetzky, that's all I know; but I was wondering if there's a photogallery or shop on Chamissoplatz in Berlin, do you know this place?

  7. i like your aquarium!
    have a bright sunday!

  8. mooie foto's!
    fijne zondag!!