August 26, 2011

The Blue Path.

Thank you everybody for the nice responses,
it really feels good to get all this feedback :)

Finally here's the second part of The Blue Path;
ironically the work is about a quest, getting lost and
darkening, ha!
I included two eclipses, the one below and the one
on picture 6;
The picture above is a boat surrounded
by St. Elmo's Fire

Reverse of the Three Golden Fleeces.

St. Elmo's Fire.

St. Elmo's Fire pattern.

For a larger view, double-click!
And I've put some more on my flickr pages.

Have a nice weekend everybody and thanks again!


  1. ah, so there was a
    fore shadowing.
    Your shadow looms
    large, and I stand in it.
    (It's a nice place to be.)

  2. heel heel mooi renilde! goei foto's ook ;)

  3. Really nice work .Different and inspiring.Thanks
    from cat

  4. Oh Renilde, they are just wonderful! Such fabulous work - you must be pleased. I missed your last post (going to have a look now) but I'm wondering if your pieces have arrived yet? You must be careful what you predict now ;) Thanks for sharing these. Kx

  5. wow, these are beautiful... love them.

  6. oh, that is really good , love the blue colors

  7. Oh!what a nice photo! they are just wonderful! Such fabulous work - you must be pleased
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  8. Wow, it´s so beautiful and with the St. Elmos fire in jeans, so lovely. I have a small Elmo at home named after that saint.