August 06, 2011

Yesterday's walk.

Had a nice walk with mieke yesterday afternoon;
lots of Angelica's in the park and pyjama bugs everywhere.

I've found a recipe for candied Angelica here,
and a less time-consuming here;
the man in the movie is preparing a vanilla icecream
in the end, with mango pureé and an Angelica topping,
We had a vanilla icecream with strawberries after
our walk and that's also ok :^)

note: for the recipe you will need the sweetsmelling
Angelica archangelica.

have a nice weekend all!


  1. It's a pretty plant - I've never seen it before... don't think it grows here :( Glad you had a great day with Mieke. The b&w photos are fabulous! Kx

  2. beautiful black and white photos:)

  3. b&w feels so good!

    have a great week!

  4. pyjama bug! what a sweet name! i love it straight away, i love Pyjama bugs*
    and vanilla ice-cream with strawberries might be one of the best things i know. simple and delicious. i like simple things:)
    (and pyjama bugs of course..)

  5. Love your blog...your work is amazing...just beginning to explore your Flickr stream. Thank you for sharing your vision.