September 15, 2009

Beautiful brushes.

Clothes brushes, 1950s and 1960s.

Smal broom from the 1930s and Chinese broom.

Hat brushes from 19th century.

From China, Thailand and India.

Russian, used to dust felt game tables.

Barber's brushes.

Mine, they look pretty neglected, don't they?

I was browsing into some old Selvedges and
took some photographs,
if you like to browse too, click here.

(for clarity's sake, these brushes or not mine!!!,
i took the photo's from an old Selvedge textile
magazine, my own collection is shown on the
last photo. I'm sorry for this deceptive post.)


  1. ohoo! alweer een post om uren naar te staren!! ik wil die paardenborstel!!!!!!!!

  2. A brush collection, how nice!

  3. I love the horse clothes brushes. What a fun group of brush photos. My paint brushes are kept far too poorly to look so nice in photos. xoxo

  4. Very nice set of photographs...Renilde: I think I may have lucked out & scored one of your pincushions! I'll hopefully find out tomorrow!

  5. what an abundance of beautiful brushes...

  6. Ik heb die selvedge ook een tijdje opengelegd op mijn boekenstandaard (van Dille & Kamille), ik vond ze zo fascinerend! Mijn hart bonkt sneller bij de chinese handborstel omwille van de kleuren en het ritme in de binding.Dagelijkse dingen die met liefde zijn gemaakt. De 4e van links uit jouw collectie is ook prachtig.

  7. In the first years of my childhood I grew up beside a boutigue where the man made his own brushes. So I totally understand your love for brushes.

  8. oh its divine! this post moves me :}

    kind wishes

  9. oh! the horse-brushes are great! love them!

  10. OOh! They looks fantastic!
    But first photos looks more than fantastic,
    Love this horse:)

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  12. oei sorry, het ging even mis. dit is echt heel mooi!

  13. wow some nice collections!

  14. hey oh, they are all yours? wow.. i wonder what other kinds of treasures you are collecting..

  15. hello everybody, i'm pleased you were enjoying the brushes, but i'm afraid my post was rather
    deceptive; i took the photos from an old Selvedge textile magazine, only the last photo
    is taken on my table. I'm not that wealthy!!!
    on the contrary :-(

  16. :) die rare (gordijn) kwast er bij jou tussen

  17. Beter laat dan nooit: aangezien ik een groot zwak heb voor werktuigen vind ik deze post fantastisch. Prachtige verzamelingen om naar te kijken! Ook jouw collectie is heel sfeervol.