October 17, 2009

My grandparents.

The photo of my grandparents with me in between
was taken in the doorway by an unknown photographer.
It was a common use in the sixties, only few people had a camera.
I remember the whole scene very clearly, for a had
a violent argument just before the pic was taken.
This is what happened: i was about four years old i guess,
and staying with my grandparents, suddenly the bell
rang, it was an unknown with a camera round his neck.
My grandma agreed for a portrait.
I got ready to take off my apron ; having one's photograph
taken wasn't an everyday event and besides, there was
a little stain on it.
My grandma forced me to keep on the apron, i was frenzied.
The scarf, knotted in Lucky Luke style was also her creation.
I felt like a secondhand cinderella :-(
This is my very first memory in full color: the apron was made
of synthetic material and pale orange,
it was rustling like a bread bag when moving.
The jacket was red, the scarf i don't remember.
My grandma's apron was from black cotton satin.
The strange object with the three woodworm holes is a knot.
My gran always had one in her pocket to cure her rheumatism.
The earrings are also a heirloom.
My grandpa was a shoemaker, they both runned their little shoeshop.
If you like to see my gran more friendly, look here.
The drawing is mine.


  1. I have to say I really like looking at your grandpa. I also looked at his other pictures under your link. He has very quiet expression. And nice face.
    Aprons! I also had one as a little girl. It was in the 70s and it was still common. I never though of that apron until now.

  2. Imprints from childhood fascinate. I think we ought not to underestimate what we remember... more clues of who we are? Anyway, I appreciate your recollections.

  3. oh my oh my you're awfully cute ! and you're grandparent looks so cool, i mean with a strong characteristic :)

    these are so lovely, thank you so much for sharing the story

    happy sunday !

  4. mooi verhaal! het huisje ziet er ook zo gezellig uit, met dat raam, mooi licht!

  5. what a sweet photo. and the story just makes it better - even though you were upset just before. i love to recollect my own childhood memories as well as to listen to others. it is so fascinating to remember these moments of pure feelings.

    have a great new week :)

  6. telkens je foto's van je grootouders plaatst voel ik de warmte van die van mij, vooral mijn grootmoeder.
    een zwart en witte tijd dat kleuren oproept.
    Stijn Streuvels heeft ook een mooi verhaal over zijn eerste foto waar ze ver moesten voor stappen, over de magie van het moment, ook daar moest ik aan denken.
    warm en kleurig weekend gewenst!

  7. What a touching story and so beautifully illustrated.

  8. i enjoy the way you write!
    i can relate to what you tell- i have spend much time with my grandmother when i was a child, with and without aprons.
    mine was red checked cotton- but i had a light pink nylon dress...rustling like a bread bag :)

    thank you for your memories!!!

  9. I love the old photo! You are so cute!! The photo and memory with your grand parents are beautiful treasure. I have never met my grandfathers nor seen their photos ..I don't know what they looked like... but only my imagination...ox

  10. I am mesmerised....what a wonderful and inspiring place to be ..thank you

  11. wow, a great story, i love how you remember the little details.

  12. I'm so amazed that your recall of that day is so very clear and precise! You must have been very cross about having to wear your dirty apron for the photo ;) But how lovely to have this photo, this knot, these earrings! I love your drawing and I really love the way you've described your scarf as 'Lucky Luke' style! So fabulous. Thanks Renilde :) K

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  14. Your blog is fast becoming one of my favourite places to visit. I love the whimsicalness of this post - and the drawing linking the two photos. Yes, it is amazing how certain events and images from early childhood get burnt into one's memory. You have a photo to remind you of it too! (PS By coincidence I also posted photos of my grandparents yesterday - as part of a quick collage.)

  15. What a poetic post. Thank you for sharing your memories.

  16. Your (true) storytelling is wonderful. You really capture the moment ... :) Love your blog.