October 03, 2009

Something soft and quiet.

I needed something soft and pastel to round
off my day. A saturday workingday in a shop
can be pretty boisterous, so I often have to brace
myself not to flip :-)
I love silence, and i sometimes wonder whether
it would be better for me to go back to the country-
side one day.
the needlework i posted here dates from last
summer; i was asked by a fashion student to
embroider some beads, you can see they are very
tiny, i added some confetti as a reference.
The colors were not chosen by myself, but she
gave me a print of an old patch-work to base on.
It was an enchanting colormatch; basically soft oranges,
lilas and greys, creams, some intense reds, anyway,
the little bedspread was a real treasure.
Hope you will enjoy these colors too.
Have a nice weekend everybody :-)


  1. I like it Renilde. Have a nce weeend you too.

  2. mooi kleurenpallet, alle foto's passen zo aardig bij elkaar en ze brengen ook hier rust na een te drukke over en weer-rijden dag
    een rustige zondag gewenst

  3. Enchanting. Hope your weekend is as well.

  4. vey nice work...so delicate!
    thank you for the visit!
    have a nice weekend,

  5. i love these colors, they make my heart melt and make me smile

    have a nice weekend dear renilde

  6. What a lovely work! i've enjoy very much watching your blog.
    saludos from argentina, Lucia

  7. Oh my... such beautiful work... so incredibly exquisite!
    Thanks for showing this Renilde. I love it.
    I find 'quiet' pieces like this so very inspiring :)

    Kylie x

  8. they are such lovely colours, and your photos beautiful as always

  9. i love it! it is so whimsical and pretty. thanks for sharing - it'll bring some pretty into my day :)

  10. Those colors are so warm and inviting, just perfect for a cool gray day. I love your photos.

  11. These are so pretty and reminds me of paul klee's paintings which I love! Gorgeous art work!!

    ps. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! oxox

  12. I am back!! mijn computer is ALIVE!!!!!! yess! mooie post alwéééééér renilde!

  13. suberlove your blog!

    when i was a little girl, very long time ago, my mother was embroidering an eastern tablecloth. i had the honor of selecting the colors for the tiny eastern eggs on it.
    i still have it.
    i still remember.

    your soft and quiet beads reminded me of that- thanks!

  14. I love the colours! I actually wanted to make a quilt for some twins in that sort of colour scheme! The father didn't want something overly girly, I don't think it is overly girly, but just enough girl in it!

    Your little dots are so precise! I love looking at it!

  15. beautiful stitches. i sometimes think id like to live in the country too. i like the quiet, fresh air, and nature all being close. but the city is nice sometimes too, visiting galleries, cafes etc. i guess we have to compromise somewhere :)

  16. enchanting is a lovely word to describe your work:) somehow, i thought you did live in the country already! you seem to live the life of country rhythm....

  17. You seem to be a very patient person. How we envy you. We could both need more of that. When we start a project we already dream of the next.

  18. Wow! It looks gorgeous! The fashion student must have been very happy with the result!

  19. I love the colour combination of the embroidery. And I LOVED your thimble story. You have a gift for making simple things lovely and quirky and full of wonder.

  20. I like the colors, especially the variegated ones. They're all so pretty!

  21. The embroidery is beautiful!!!