October 07, 2009

When i have to pee at night.

When i'm going to the toilet at night, usually round
3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, there's always
nocturnal activity in the house;
that is because dolls don't have to sleep, they can
if they want to, but they don't really need night's
rest to stay alert.
It could be they have hereditary wu wei qualities,
what means that they are in a sort of active inactivity,
a state of mind we humans have to search a lifetime.
Of course it could also be that their brains are largely
empty and straightforward, what makes the sleeping
also superfluous. There's still less known about doll's
Anyway, when i 'm having my pee at night, they are
mostly playing and hanging around in the room
between my atelier, and the kitchen;
it is a pretty dark place, that's why the pics are unsharp.
The photo of Arthur in full play was taken on a sunday
morning in the atelier. I had a secondary smaller pee
at 6:30 when i took that snapshot.
They were so wrapped up in their play, they didn't
notice me.
By the way, dolls don't need to pee eihter:-)
What a life!
(a silly multicoloured night story)


  1. oooh zooo schoon alweer!!!! die laatste foto is ook super. jij bent echt een beetje gek!

  2. i think peeing and sleeping are underestimated joyful things. Except when you combine them at night.
    I like your dolls' independent plays. Maybe i should wake up at night, the horror of cold feet on the bathroomfloor, but the joy of discovering such nice play.

  3. to jokemijn: you're right, i like to pee too, of course on condition i don't have to get up!

  4. I wish my things could come play with yours... kind of, "Let the wild rumpus start!" I'll think of you whilst having my 3:00 AM pee.

  5. If they have your inspiring personality around all day, it is easy for a piece of wood and plaster to activate, although passively, during the night.
    There was this artsy short film few years ago about a teddy bear moving quietly around the house. The people in the flat didn't see him moving, it only appeared at different places. It was supposed to be actually very scary.

  6. to bohemian girl: i can imagine that is pretty scary. i once had a nightmare about a mean and hotheaded pinokkio that was slowly walking around in a house with wooden floors and stairs.I could hear his little footsteps everywhere; when he got irritated he was hammering his nose into my legs. very scary! and painful.
    but those on the post are really innocent:-)

  7. i love this story! everything!

    i'm up several times at night, but i'm too blind from exhaustion to notice anything. they could be having a dance techno rave in my bedroom, and i'd just walk right by with my eyes closed.

  8. :)

    (they look in their natural habitat in the mountains)

  9. voor mij is jouw nachtverhaal een superhahaha begin van een dag waarbij ik 5 minuten geleden nog dacht: 'hoekrijgikhetrond'. toch super hoe jij jouw nachtelijke uitstapje kleur geeft! (ik baal van zo'n moment)

  10. wonderful story you have made up here.
    Cheers to your dolls!

  11. So cute:) I hear them too! and here I was thinking it was possums on the roof! :) K

  12. unsharp !? oh no no no..., wonderful ! as the story ;)

  13. de tweede foto is super knap reinhilde.x

  14. hahahah i love it!
    i do want to pee at night too, but im scared to get up..cause anouki's toys are lying around and under the bed too...

    xx gini

  15. Being a doll at your house must be great!

  16. do i love your story/ truth?
    yes i do!

  17. Love the story,and I thought I was the only one...but I have taken it further, I have actually cleaned a whole bathroom between three and four thirty in the eaaaaarly morning...I pee but I also have anxiety attacks, so after I pee, I clean the whole bathroom...then I can go to sleep-do you think its hormonal? hehehe