November 11, 2009

The day the earth stood still.

You might have a déja vu feeling by seeing these
series, that's right, i already posted another 7,
but cancelled them at the end after i made some
changes. So this is the final cut.

The third dia comes from the movie
'The Day the Earth Stood Still', a 1951 science
fiction film that tells the story of two aliens who
come to earth with a mission of goodwill, the
robot on the pic is GORT :-)
The film opens with a magnificent shot when the
flying saucer enters the atmosphere and skims
over Washington, D.C. before landing in President's
If you like to see the opening shot here, you will
have to make your own sound by pursing your lips
slightly to let the air escape with soft high toned gusts.
Today we commemorate the end of World War I .


  1. I'm fascinated that today is a day of celebration in Belgium - today is a sad day in Australia. It's Remembrance Day where we remember all those who've died in all the wars. I cried when they played the bugle tune (The Last Post??) on the radio. Always makes me cry and yet I don't know anyone who's died in a war. Do you have a minute's silence at 11am? Funny that you should write about "The Day the Earth Stood Still" if you do... rather fitting really. Lovely pictures :) K

  2. Oh Kylie, i made an unfortunate choice of words,
    thanks a lot for bringing it to my attention, what a blunder. But we do have national holiday.

  3. Yes. Today is Veterans' Day here in the United States. I have been hearing lots of reports and stories of wars past and present on the radio.
    Your photos are both retro and futuristic at the same time.

  4. je fotocombinatie vind ik wel erg mooi!

  5. oh renilde ...I KNOW I ought not be so nosey , but I would love to know how you made photos of the tiny images that are in your viewfinder ( I wonder did you scan them ? )
    ....I absolutely love these images they are so otherwordly , I have some 1960's ones of switzerland and some 60's disney ones that are made for a kids film show projector.

  6. To Jane: i'm sorry, this is all fake, the pics come from newspapers and magazines. You can read more about it in my first viewmaster post

  7. ....oh ! ...they are still wonderful .
    Art is all sort of fake anyway huh ?...illusions etc .
    I really enjoy your blog.