November 01, 2009

Washing instructions.

I finished two little plaids this week.
The front is croched and the back is in jute.
Because they will be for sale at Mieke Willems,
I had to wash them first to see how the two
materials react on eachother, the jute is very
stiff in wet state and i was afraid of damaging
the work. But you can see the result here, the
plait is perfectly washable.

wash by hand
use fabric softener, it will make the jute a bit more
spin dry and smooth out the jute-side.
dry flat, it will take some time because there's
three layers of fabric.
iron with steam on the jute-side, stretch out
the fabric when it is needed.

Feel free to contact me in case you have more
In general i wash everything by hand and dry it flat
after centrifuging.

Ps. something went wrong with my previous post,
i was replacing an image and i'm afraid i messed it up,
i will post the series again tomorrow.


  1. Just gorgeous! I've been meaning to email you to say my wonderful cushion has arrived safely! In fact I'm sitting on it right now ;) Feel criminal actually... maybe I should have it on the wall where I can admire it! Thanks Renilde - just love it. K x

    p.s.(Love TinTin!)

  2. love this one. the back is especially nice!
    (love tin tin too )

  3. i love your work, its so beautiful*_*

  4. Crocheting and embroidery go really well together! And you have just found out for us! Basic crochet stitch (or what is it called?) and cross embroidery, they have something in common, don't they?

  5. Your art work is so beatuiful and inspiring!! It's simple but so special.

  6. I love your minimalist embroidery style! And the Tintin/Snowy illustration in between. Coincidentally, we just got our dog from Animal Rescue yesterday and I christened her Snowy because she looks a bit like him. Her nickname is Snous.

  7. I like these jute goods Excellent products!