November 17, 2009

Imaginary lighthouses.

My mom once told me, one day, two of her younger
brothers, J&F, were making a little fire under
their bed, what made my granddad in a white
rage, of course! But they were kids.
I have no excuse for my foolish tour de force last night;
i used a little candle on top of a one metre high pile of bobbins,
i feel somewhat embarrassed to confess :-(
J&F are the two boys on my granddad's lap.
Luckily they still like to play too :-)


  1. dont be embarrassed! playing makes life fun, it makes you smile, and it helps you not to forget how to think like a child. freely and unconstrained by consequences!

  2. My brother once tried to set fire to my skirt with a firework! Luckily nothing happenned to me... :) Just a hole in my skirt though!

  3. hihi :) het ziet er inderdaad gevaarlijk uit, maar dat maakt het juist zo leuk.
    Mijn zusje heeft ooit de rug van haar lievelingsteddybeer verbrandt, hij had het koud en wou wat dichter bij de stoof. Ze heeft 'm nog lang geknuffeld, ook met gesmolten rug.

  4. When I was in primary school I used to stay up reading till 4am. To make the room darker so that my parents wouldn’t notice I used to throw some clothes over the lampshade. I once got a big fright when the light went off and I could smell something burning. The new jumper my mum had just finished knitting had a huge hole.

    I come here whenever I can to look for inspiration. I love looking at your work.
    And thank you for having a look at my newborn blog.

  5. toeval renilde, dit weekend hebben we ook een toren gestapeld met de bobijnen, geen kaarsje bovenop maar een gehaakte wolk bovenop gespeld. ik had het op de schoorsteenmantel geplaatst, voor de schoorsteenmantel staat ons vuur. ik heb alles voor de nacht weggehaald, was bang dat de wolk op het vuur zo terechtkomen en brand zou veroorzaken (ik heb een duivelse schrik voor vuur)
    jouw vuurtoren vind ik prachtig, wie moest de haven veilig binnenvaren, de sint?

  6. So gorgeous! Love your lighthouse... who were you sending out the warning to? ;)
    I set fire to the rubbish bin my room when I was in primary school... fascinating thing, fire. But yes, I was very foolish. Kx

  7. that's actually a really neat idea. you could always use those fake tea lights. i'll try this sometime. thanks for the idea!

  8. I have a friend who has set herself on fire 3 times. I'm not sure if that earns her some supreme protection, or if it simply means she is careless.

  9. lumineus kustlicht !

  10. vuurtorens hebben gewoon iets magisch