November 15, 2009

Trip to Breda.

Finally visited the exhibition, curated by my friend
Lots of samplers to see from different countries,
some of them few meters long, also lots of beautifully
embroidered clothing!
My presentation is rather poor, but that is because
of the reflexion in the glass and the darkness.
The Pinokkio and girl's head were made in a ladies
embroidery workshop . pic 5-6-7
The volcano and cute weavings were made in a
children's workshop. pic 8-9-10
There will be a demonstration November 21 of
Turkish needle OYA, a sort of needlelace in button-
hole stitch.
Thanks for the nice words on my 'Age of Discovery'
post!!!!! :-)


  1. Oh dear, I wish I was there...absolutely fantastic!

  2. Please, please show us more photos!

  3. So many gorgeous goodies! Love pinocchio and those samples are just divine! Great exhibition. K

  4. ziet er goed uit! wil ik ook wel zien! rare werkjes wel he? en wie is O.M., is dat niet T.?

  5. oh oh so beautiful, i really should come and see the exhibition, what a wonderful curating job!
    i have been compensating my recent working pressure with buying many books on textiles, they really made me happy and so do your posts!

  6. oh! i wish i was there too!
    it must be a beautiful exhibition.
    and i love your 'Age of Discovery project' too, so lovely work!

    have a nice week :)

  7. breda!! I have been there!! It was such a cute little place! It was lovely! Glad you had a good time at the exhibition!

  8. Lovely display-thank you for sharing it-
    Annamaria :)

  9. goede tip, kwam iets tegen waar je misschien wel belangstelling voor hebt:

  10. I'll definitely will have a look at the exhibition, would love to see your work in real..

  11. oh i love them all but especially the 1889 op art on top