May 10, 2014

a psychedelic look, inspired by the colored spots I see when pressing on my eyes during a migraine to ease the pain; it is also a kind of pastime, because after a while and with a little practice I can decide the colors :)
I'm hiding in the black sphere on the first picture

the rhipsalis is blooming


  1. I was thinking about you, remembering the bouts with migraines and hoping they were less of a problem… what
    an awful, almost "price to pay" for your unwavering creativity. xx

  2. thanks Gina!
    it's not that bad and the attacks are getting less frequent and severe, so there's hope :-)

  3. Awful that you have to endure migraines, but the colours look amazing together! Loving the gorgeous flowers too :) Kx

  4. oh, sorry to hear you are suffering from migraine. but it makes you see beautiful colors and shapes, if something positive..
    very nice cushion!

  5. wow this one too is beautiful! hope you'll finally find a cure for those migraines Renilde. xx

  6. and your rhipsalis is gorgeous!

  7. haha, i can see you hiding... :)
    plants are so inspiring to me.... i never thought headaches can be, too.

    agnes / iiiinspired / pieces-of-mine

    p.s. i just heard on the radio, that many migraines are traceable to foo sensitivities...

  8. thank you all for your nice words :)

    to agnes: do you mean that migraine and high sensitivity are related to each other?

    1. no, sorry, I skipped a letter... I heard that it might be because of food sensitivities (or allergies)... about other sensitiveness I don't know, but who knows...