May 15, 2014

my inspirations

I love moths, not that I'm so keen on their hairy fat bodies and legs, but the patterns and colors of their wings is unequaled, at least that's my opinion...
the moth below is the polyphemus and one of my favorites because of it's lovely powdery colors and gradations and of course the eyespots; it's not living in Belgium (I nicked the picture from this site), but that's ok cause I think they are a little frightening too!
the moth above is the Orange Underwing, it's a very small moth, not much bigger than a fly, but pretty too;
the photo is taken in mom's garden

the picture with the bicycle was taken at night from my window and the cushion at the top is mine of course :)


  1. Fabulous Renilde! This is such a great post. Love your new cushion :) Kx

  2. loving your new purpley colors! and the moths too, but yes, less so in real life. what is the plant in your last post?

  3. thank you all :)
    to Mlle Paradis: a rhipsalis

  4. moths freaks me out, but I do like the colours of the wings. to look at them on picture is ok but in real life...something primordial I guess, love your new cushions and the fact that you find inspiration from nature. have a good week Renilde!