February 01, 2012

My plants.

My livingroom has turned into a greenhouse last night;
because of the coming night frost, I had to rescue all the
plants of the terrace, except the grasses;
so what you're seeing here is only a tiny part of the jungle
that I have brought in yesterday evening!
It gives me a bit of a 'Jane feeling'
Only my runny nose does not fit into the picture :^).
But the light was gorgeous today!!


  1. Lovely pics! Especially the first one!

  2. this looks beautiful -- how i would always want my apartment to look!!

  3. It looks fabulous. I saw on the news last night that Europe was having huge snow falls - it looked amazing. I hope your other plants survived the frost :) Kx

  4. its been very cold few days here too and i did the same. my place is like a jungle too.
    i hope your plants survive as you always kept so lovely pots.
    have a good friday

  5. oh that looks so lovely!

  6. wat leuk die eerste tropische foto.

  7. Oh I adore your collection of plants. The look of your home is beautiful and inspiring too. At the moment I am experimenting with what plants grow best in my home. Next I think I might try succulents. So far, my peace lily is the most successful plant!

  8. I love a home with many plants. In the first photo, what is the name of the large plant on the right side of the photo?

  9. love your home...great place for coffee

  10. to kathleen: it is a strelitzia; I hope there will be flowers again next summer :^)


    Thank you all!!

  11. So wonderful. White and green shades always calm me down. This place is a real treasure!