May 13, 2009

Irish crochet.

Last weekend, free tickets in the standaard
newspaper from the Luc Tuymans exhibition

I was asked by a fashion student to do some
crochings and needlework. Can't show anything
yet, because she's still working on her collection.
But my passion for Irish croching got a ferm boost.
The polka dot pattern in the background is my
ironing board.


  1. heel mooi renilde!! moest ook lachen met de vis in de vorige post, run charlie run!!

  2. oh so nice! and luc tuyman! love his work. are you going to see the exhibition?

  3. Yes, i think i'm going, i've got a free ticket, remember!

  4. nice! what is the first one?

  5. can't tell you yet, it's an object for the collection, at least the beginning of it.
    I will show the finished one after the student's got her show.

  6. are the flowers in the third picture from a pattern? it is so beautiful, i'd love to know how to make something like that!

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