May 10, 2009


New York - United States

Kyushu - Japan

Kittilä - Lapland

detail from Sambava - Madagascar
The little brown Cutie you can see on every
page is making a world tour on his bike.
The book is made by Marc Boutavant, and
is calling 'Le tour du monde de Mouk'
I'm having a trip to the countryside today,
wish everybody a nice sunday, and thanks
for the lovely comments i got yesterday.


  1. ik kom gauw langs! want ik wil dit boek nog eens bekijken! mooi! mooi! veel plezier in de bossen!!

  2. my daughter loves that book! she discovered it at our bookstore and waited for weeks until she got it as a birthdaypresent, she never forgot about it and reminded us frequently! much going on here, it is a big pleasure discovering all that small treasures you made and share.

  3. nathaly en daan10/5/09 1:25 PM

    zie ik helemaal zitten voor Daan dit boek, nog ergens te koop denk je?

  4. ja hoor, in de fnac, en al de dieren die in het boek voorkomen bestaan echt,fijn om uit te zoeken welke dieren afgebeeld worden.
    see you wednesday!

  5. These pictures are wonderful! Sort of similar to Richard Scarry's work.