May 28, 2009

Rockets & Space.

The launch.
Two rockets and a star.

Inside my rocket.

Imaginary wormhole.
When i was a kid, i was completely terryfied
of the concepts of 'infinity' and 'eternal'.
As soon as i was in bed, i started thinking on
it and couln't sleep anymore.
This fear faded away with the years, but i have
to admit it had an enormous impact on my
life, and i can still feel the resonances :-) of it
from time to time.
Anyway my fascination for the infinite space
and the unknown is still alive.
The images of the sojoez-rocket were taken from the
today's newspaper when i had lunch at my work.
The other three are taken in my appartment,
the two embroideries form a part of the
'Wormhole' series, a work still in progress.
Our very amiable Frank De Winne will be the
Captain of the Ship, i wish him a good journey.


  1. fantastisch renilde! slaapwel xx

  2. wou dat ik ook in de ruimte zat nu

  3. Absolutely faboluos Renilde!

  4. He Marjanneke, die Astro's moeten ook nog studeren hoor! Terwijl ze in de ruimte hangen.
    Bijt nog maar eventjes op uw tanden.
    En slaapwel.

  5. oh gosh, i just adore your embroideries and every single post so much - thankyou!

  6. interesting theme and i love how you interpret them in your beautiful embroidery pieces.

  7. such a joyful post! i love it ;)

  8. i just love how you combine and translate your obsessions, wonderful post! lou does think a lot about infinity and "nothing", how it could have been before anything existed and so on. good to hear you had similar thoughts as a kid but i am sorry you were terrified!

  9. Good for your daughter she can talk about it with you, it can also be an extra stimulus to explore the world instead of moping over it.

  10. Such a stellar compilation of images and ideas! lovely!!

  11. wow, what a nice post! love it