June 18, 2013

diary of a cactus

I'm the owner of a cactus that only grows in height and never makes lateral shoots; at times he grows too tall and breaks off and everything starts again from scratch; a Sisyphus story, as it were,

I chopped my beloved cactus in three pieces; the other two parts also come in the pot, but I've read - in my favorite cactus book - that it is better for them to dry for a while...

... so there will be a sequel soon :)
october 10, 2011
september 21, 2012

new mobiles!


  1. Good luck with Mr. Cactus!
    (And from a strictly personal point of view:
    thanks for not falling down the Instagram
    rabbit hole - not yet anyway. ;^) )

  2. what a funny cactus :)
    i have a cactus which blooms
    only one time every year
    and the flower is so pretty
    but lasts just for one day.

  3. what a beautiful blog this is, oh my! so happy to have found you

  4. bellefleurdelis24/6/13 6:19 AM

    héél mooi, en zo de cactussen achter het gordijn, de schaduw , ze lijken precies op dino's