September 26, 2011

My treasures.

This is a small selection of twigs and seeds that I've brought
home from my walks: thistle fluffs, a plane tree seed pod,
a bunch of ash seeds and one pod I can't put a name on;
the tiny seeds are hairy with barbs.
The third picture was taken from my terrace, the handwoven
piece of cloth is as far as I can remember honeysuckle :)
I'm not joking, look here!
More treasures in another post.


  1. I love the light in those beautiful photos...

  2. beautiful, beautiful treasure and photos.

  3. That fourth photo is especially beautiful. It makes me want to go out for a walk! :] Can't wait to see your plant treasures.

  4. elke keer weer
    wordt ik zo blij
    van de sfeer in je foto's
    het licht
    de kleuren

  5. Zeer mooi, bedankt voor het delen.

  6. So beautiful!!! The hand woven piece looks just gorgeous!

  7. so beautiful and delicate. i'd be picking those up too.

    thanks for letting me know about the exhibition - i've been meaning to visit mr kitly again so this will be a very good reason to go :)

  8. This is a lovely little collection. I like to collect when I walk too.

    I saw your comment on Elizabeth's blog about your work arriving for the exhibition at Mr Kitly. How exciting that your work is not lost! And that some of us get to go and enjoy it in person. I can't wait.

  9. Thanks Belinda, I will let you know when the (little)show is on, probably in October :)

  10. Des photos très délicates subtiles magnifiques

  11. Ooh, is dat een schaal van HADHI? Ik ben er verliefd op (zie hier: )

    Net je blog ontdekt. Zo mooi!

    x E.