September 17, 2011


I went to the Hergé Museum today; what a great place!
And the collection is immense, with large quantities of original
drawings and sketches, to bad I wasn't alowed to take any pictures,
especially from ' Tim' the squirrel in the Far West :^),
but I had one sneaky shot near the famous rocket
and I bought the catalogue, so more pictures in another post.

Cover of The Shooting Star.
Some nice pictures of the museum here.
Love Tintin.

Japanese Maple in the morninglight.


  1. We love Tintin too :) What a shame we will be so close but not be able to visit the museum as well! Thanks for showing these Renilde. I had no idea it existed. Looking forward to seeing more pics :) Kx

  2. I love Tintin also ;-)
    Beutiful jean end autum leaves photo

  3. mmmm...
    wat een fijne post
    met warme kleuren
    passend bij het herfstige weer

    ik vind je gestolen foto

    fijne zondag!

  4. Blue blistering barnacles!
    Thanks to Tintin, my children
    learned to read. <3

  5. I must introduce my kids to Tin Tin... I loved it as a child.

  6. wow, I wish I could visit that museum!!

  7. My son Wil is Tin Tin crazy... he wants his hair cut like Tin Tin at the moment... Thank you for the heads-up on the Herge Museum!! I had no idea there was such a thing! Next time I'm in Belgium I'm there (with Wil of course!) xo