September 02, 2011


Crocosmia, sedum and chocolate cosmos in the
evening light.
Geranium leaves on the terrace floor; did some
gardening today.

I've been told it's very easy to plant cuttings from a
sedum, even a tiny piece of leave will take root
after a while and grow into a new plant.
Hello Dr. Frankenstein :-D

Found these instructions how to grow
and stock a chocolate cosmos.

My Forest from Jenni Rope was in the post,

love to wear flip-flops with socks too :^)

happy weekend!


  1. you probably know that already, but it´s very easy to make your own geranium cuttings, too. just clip of the very top of a twig (with about three leaves), carefully cut off the last leaf and stick the cutting in soil, so the place where you cut off the leaf is coverd with it (that´s where the roots grow). put it in a warm and sunny place - i keep them coverd with jam jars for the first weeks - they like the moist heat - make sure to get them some air so they don´t mold.

    i love my chocolate cosmos, too!

  2. to wsake: thanks for the tip :)
    I had a whole bunch of basil cuttings this summer,
    it's very easy too, but I place them in a jar of water the first two weeks.
    have a nice weekend!

  3. what are warm photo! there has been storm here for last few days, i now miss calm days very much like your photo.

  4. tijd niet geweest...
    wat een mooi postje!