August 11, 2009

The Age of Discovery.

I made up this story when i was in bed
with a migraine, to pass away the time.
Hope you like it as much as i do.
Warning: it is again a silly one.

Brief summary of the above:
Vasco da Gama was sent to India with his car-
rack, a 178 ton, three-master with a lenght of 27 m.
The intention was that he was to replace the
incompetent Edvardo de Menezes as represen -
tative of the Portuguese possessions.

What happened?


  1. pizzasnijder11/8/09 6:29 AM

    what a crazy mind !!!
    migraine doet je precies goed.

    echt weer een leuke post.

  2. I've been following your blog for a little while now but it's the first time I comment. I think it's about time :)
    I really like your embroidery and how you used the snails.

  3. aan pizzasnijder: ik hak je in een ruk open als je dat graag zou hebben :-) haha.
    er liggen er nog genoeg in het bakje, slecht artikel, n'est ce pas?

  4. pizzasnijder11/8/09 7:22 AM

    ik voel me gescheurd

  5. wondeful! i love the sea shells and rocks in there!

  6. All of these essays would be marvelous as printed books as well. Possible today.

  7. you have such a very very special way to say things:)

  8. schitterend! prach-tig bootje, love it!

    ik ga mijn migraine- en andere pijnaanvallen ook s met andere 'mind' ondergaan ;-)

  9. oh! thank you so much!

    You do very interesting work:)
    It's very inspired me.

  10. oh mooiste ooit, weeral.
    tot gauw x veronik

  11. What a fabulous laugh! You've made me smile again Renilde!! Thank you :) K

  12. Heheh...I love your creativity and humour. I looked at this yesterday, thought your work was gorgeous and didn't read it but today I clicked on the images to read them and got the giggles. I positively love it! xo

  13. This is a great post! Your so creative! I love the shells.. How beautiful they are!! ox

  14. so nice! Your embroidery reminded me of this namban screen exhibited here in libon's ancient art museum: it portrais the exact moment of the portuguese arriavl in japan.