March 18, 2011

Pray for Japan.

I was trying to make a papertrash collage for
The Charity Exhibition
'Pray for Japan'
I'm still working on it; more photos in my next
In case you would like to participate, look here; The
sales of exhibition will be contributed via Japanese
Red Cross Society.
The exhibition will be on April 5th-17th 2011
at galerie doux dimanche.

Have a nice weekend.
La casita raffle.


  1. Big thanks for your considration.
    My brother who lives in Tokyo said too tired to think seriously, need something fun to be relief. so art is one of exsample for relax, thought.

  2. I am making and sending
    something as well... heart
    warming to think we will
    be in the same exhibition
    even though the cause is
    so unbearably tragic. <3

  3. this is such a great initiative.
    thanks for playing the raffle and for spread the word, is going alright but I wish to raise more!
    every time I watch the news my heart sink.

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  5. Mooi initiatief. En alweer fascinerende collages. Jouw thuis is ook zo'n creatieve plek!

  6. Beautiful sensitivity. Have you ever seen the work of Julius Bissier?

  7. It's lovely, Renilde, and such a great idea too. Kx

  8. such a great idea!!!
    xxx gini

  9. Thanks everybody!!
    And thank you for the tip Kay; didn't knew this artist yet.

  10. Oh, thank you for your support.
    I will be going to the exhibition to see your work in person!