July 09, 2012

The Prinzhorn Collection.

I saw this exhibition five years ago at the Guislain Museum, but was too dumb to buy the catalog at the time; they were all pieces from the Prinzhorn Collection, so I was happy I could get a reprint when I was in the museum two weeks ago :^)
I went to see Hermine's graduation exhibition, which was also very impressive, check it out here.

The pictures in this post are all from the catalog, except the one with the embroidered jacket; the bottom pics show shreds of torn bed linen.
more pictures soon.
goodnight & sweet dreams :)


  1. no words.
    am just blown away by these and am off now to read all about it.

  2. Oh how fabulous!!! That embroidered jacket is just beyond words... what a story! Thanks Renilde. Also thanks for link to Hermine's exhibition - LOVE her work so much. Hope you are making too? Kx

  3. Oh, thank you for sharing all of this! Hermine's work is amazing and so beautiful.

  4. I love that Agnes Richter jacket. Please read up other, she's fascinating. There is a man on Etsy who makes bags in her honor. They're wonderful.
    His name is Lambert and if you message him, he'll make one for you.

  5. wow! impressing things... slightly weird and so beautiful!
    i think i'm most attracted to the lion... it looks nostalgic to me.

    agnes / iiiinspired

  6. that looks like a great book

  7. dat ziet er spannend en inspirerend uit
    vooral die laatste twee
    wat zijn er toch veel fijne dingen
    te ontdekken

    het is gelukt met de potholder!