October 28, 2012

At home with mom, 3.

 view from the boy's room

Family photo.
My mom far left; the little boy right in the middle will be my godfather later; the setup by the photographer is quite stiff but funny in my opinion; they look a bit like a bunch of firm bowling pins that do not want to be knocked down, that's family :^)
more detail on my flickr.


  1. de grote meisjes op de foto dragen ook allemaal dezelfde jurk
    was die door jouw overgrootmoeder genaaid, of misschien door henzelf?

  2. waarschijnlijk zelf gemaakt, maar ik zal het eens navragen.

  3. It's lovely to see inside parents' house. We are also staying with our parents now, displaced by the hurricane. So many familiar but different little sights.