November 22, 2012

Meet Alice.

I love watching Alice
last week, she's spend almost an entire afternoon on the terrace, picking grains and completely ignoring me :^)
The tiny red flower plant on the picture above  is called 'Hotlips', you can see here why!
You probably recognize the grey cushion, I just wanted to make a few more photos against a dark background. I think it is better like that.

Goodnight & Sweet dreams!


  1. ooooh zo gezellig! mooi dat kussen tussen de blaadjes

  2. hello Alice! we have some relative of your here in Helsinki. last winter she was often sitting on my window cill in the flower pot. i gave some sunflower seeds her to eat.
    maybe she comes back this winter again..?

    beautiful cushions you have done again:)

  3. How lovely! Alice is very cute :) Loving your swirl too. Kx