December 07, 2012

At Atelier Solarshop.

I've been working pretty much the last couple of weeks, especially to get all my orders done; I suppose that is the reason why I've become a woman of few words, temporarily anyway :)
I had to bring some mobiles to the Solarshop today and took the opportunity to make some photos;
the lovely print in the second picture is from Philipp Rupp I think, I forgot to ask, sorry.
Zebra gras at mom's garden and a still live remnant from a week ago but this time without sun and shade.

Potholders and cushions arrived at Uguisu the little shoppe.
Mieke Willems bedsocks & mittens at Solarshop.

Happy weekend all :^)


  1. dit grijze kussen
    toch wel mijn favoriet
    van al je kussens
    ik zag je bij
    la casita!
    leuk ;^))

    fijn weekend!

  2. Lovely work, as always. And
    I hear you sister. Working
    around the clock to fulfill orders
    and the end is not in sight!
    Happy holidays.

  3. Looks great! I love the top cushion especially :) Kx


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