August 08, 2013

into a small paradise 2, at my sister's place

love the smell of beehives and dried grasses when it gets really hot, and also the resin from the pine trees, for me these odors represent summer and vacation more than floral scents do,
don't know why but they produce some kind of happyness hormone

large bowl of cherries :^)

I was reading a book, illustrated by Edgard Tytgat
look here too


  1. summer nature scents!
    i could almost smell all what you write!
    beautiful book :)

  2. Looks lovely :) When we lived in London I used to miss the smell of freshly mown grass in Australia - it's a dry smell that is so different to the European one. Maybe not anymore now that you are having such a hot summer? Glad you had a lovely time :) Kx