March 10, 2014

evening light

evening light in the room, that's one of the things I crave during the winter months, but tonight the sun popped in for an hour so I quickly took my camera!

detail of Latona and the Lycian Peasants
if you look closely you can see an owl right where the trunk splits
and in the split of another branch there's a nest with young birds
soon it will be spring again :)


  1. Dear Renilde,
    your cushion is simply fantastic. Really beautiful.Love the palette.

    I have found the owl... and I leap for joy, because even here the sunlight has entered the rooms of the northern direction. Yay!

    xo Ariane.

  2. very beautiful colours and textures.

  3. The colors and textures of the cushion and the painting are very pleasing, Renilde.

  4. A magnificent painting, full of allegories and details. Love the light at yours, your pilea, the textures and colours of your new cushion.

  5. i digged out my camera too since long time, when the sun came out. it has been so long time no sun. it feels light is a miracle:)
    i like your photos so much. i have been scrolling the page up and down already several times.
    Wish you a sunny weekend!

  6. thank you all!!
    happy weekend