August 12, 2014


this is all that's left of the staghorn fern; not much really, only the basal fronts
but I like the shape, despite it's sad end
the fern was my oldest plant, you can see him here at the very beginning, I had just started blogging
it all seems so long ago :)

and the fern in better days 
good night & sweet dreams!


  1. I love your blog and your work.
    Thanks for sharing it here, it's such a bliss to watch the pictures and read your observations.

  2. oh no, your beautiful staghorn! what happened? i think ferns are very difficult to keep, they need a climate that's not easy to recreate at home. i wonder about what you told me about your old apartment (two homes ago), i wonder if that place was ideal for your fern. you got a beautiful fossil now ;^) xx

  3. *what you told me on your...

  4. I really don't know what went wrong with the fern, the leaves became limp and then the whole plant came loose from the root :(

  5. Your photos (and piles of beautiful collected stuff) are stunning. Love this.