November 08, 2014

pinch pots

some pinch pots I made the last few weeks
first row are pinch pots
the back row are all thrift finds, except the white on the right,
that was made with the coil method
it still has to be colored and glazed, but I keep phosponing cause I can't decide a color
maybe just white with a dark colored edge
the same for the glaze, can't decide glossy or matte...
the surface is a bit roughened, so maybe it's better to take a matte glaze
I don't know
we'll see :)
the pinch pots on the left on the photo below are Mieke's
the dino-brain has got a bigger pot
and the cactus, which I don't know the name has got one of tree bark

to be continued!

cosmos is still blooming
happy weekend all!

1 comment:

  1. wat een mooie witten
    en lichte kleuren
    zin om te kleien....

    fijne week!