April 26, 2015

threeapple bowl

I'm happy with this one, it's not that large - a threeapple size or a handfull of nuts :)

the upper part is modeled on a foam ball, the foot is made by coiling;
the inside got a matte white glaze, the outside a glossy one after it was colored with black engobe - which turned out dark brown, but that's ok for me
working with clay is fun :)


  1. Beautiful shape. Nice work :) Kx

  2. Great shape and colour! When I last used a black slip, my pot went blue!

  3. Mooi, dear Renilde, really beautiful piece!
    after following you in the woods here a ceramic artist came into my mind. Do you know Cécile Dalardier? http://ceciledaladier.com

    Sweet measure of threeapples :)

  4. that's a beautiful vessel. it's got a wonderful feel.