May 28, 2010

Pleasant chaos, but...

Thanks a lot everybody for your nice words about
my new appartment :-)
Hope to be back soon here, but for the moment
I need to make some order into this house; this
mess is not really beneficial to my creativity!

I'll be back as quickly as possible!!


  1. Hi Renilde! I'm sorry I missed your other 'new home' posts but I've read them all now and they are just wonderful. Loving your new home - it has such a beautiful feel to it - the light is just gorgeous and I love your way of photographing your things :) Have fun making some order. Kx

  2. succes!!!!zje

  3. Oh how I understand you right now!
    What a beautiful lamp you have on top of the boxes (the white and wooden one!)
    I love your style Renilde, your home will look wonderful.
    Happy tidying to you!

  4. hihihi mooi hoe je dat beschrijft. tot snel en veel plezier, het ziet er nu al goed uit, dus het kan enkel beter worden :)

  5. Enjoy homemaking, I love the look of all your things :)

  6. bulding the nest for the long

  7. Hello I am so glad to have discovered your blog - your stitching is just wonderful and you have opened up a whole new world of embroidery to me thank you for sharing

  8. take your time!
    but when you have little time, take a look at my blog- there is something you might like ;)

  9. dear renilde! what a beautiful chaos, and a really charming blog!!

  10. your chaos is so much more beautiful than mine :) and what an amazing apartment you got there.

  11. Yes your chaos look poetic.
    greetings from Copenhagen

  12. that chaos looks very pretty for me too:)

    but i also understand.. i should start to clear my own chaos here at home too..

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