November 20, 2010


I somestimes want to be an islander, particularly
after busy&boisterous days; to be among my own junk
is also ok to calm down, please have a look :-)
The photo with the camping men probably comes from here,
don't remember exactly.
I've been a bit absent lately because I was busy and also working
on a project for mr kitly, I will show in another post.
have a look at ii-ne-kore and here too.


  1. Ik ben al zo nieuwsgierig, Renilde.

  2. dear renilde,

    as for me, i've always living my life as an little island,
    every since i was a little girl, the only child of my family,
    i've learned very well to be the best friends of myself

    i wish you're well, warm and cozy, it must be very cold
    over there right now in the winter time

    take good care, and be happy


  3. Wow! How exciting, Renilde! Mr Kitly looks fantastic - you have more reasons to visit Australia now I think :) And Australia is an island too, you know - you can escape to our island! ;)

    I do agree with Oly - living on an island is a state of mind... one I enjoy very much as well. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my own mental and physical space to retreat to. It's very necessary.

    Glad you are well and looking forward to seeing your new project :)

    K x

  4. I'm with Oly too .... really loving the campers !!!
    Good luck with the project. X

  5. I guess I understand what you mean and I even know about that only child island feeling too. I still have that feeling. living in nowhere land on the country, feels a bit like island living too, but I which there would be much more water around me, maybe a real wild ocean.
    all the best for your great looking projects!!!

  6. ...wanted to say, wish, of course...

  7. It is nice to have a nest to return to. I think of mine as a squirrel nest full of lots of junk collected from here and there.