November 26, 2010

Nice day :-)

Nice day recipe:
read a book and
enjoy the morninglight while you're in bed,
wake up very slowly
mess around in the house with your pyjamas on
than finally have a shower
go to a gallery with a friend
have a walk in the city and than a coffie in a nice place
than buy a table, look here; mine is similar but has black legs
(unfinished mitten with no thumb)
and before we went home we popped in copyright
have a nice weekend everybody!
ps. I forgot to mention that I closed my day with
an episode of true blood :-)


  1. i wish to stay until late in my bed and then chill out in my pj!
    nice one renilde, oh and i love your project in the previous post (were was i? how i missed it?)

  2. a la la and what a table!!!

  3. that sounds like a really nice day!!
    I also like the table a lot... great buy,huh? :)
    I hope you're warm... kiss and good night*

  4. Wat een leuke dag ! De tafel is prachtig, net als de tentoonstelling, en de plaats waar je koffie hebt gedronken. (Het is ook mijn lievelingsplek tegenwoordig, heb zelfs al mijn lievelingsplaatsje daar )

  5. Oh yes, nice and quiet, but hey, you managed to do quite a lot of things, exhibition, coffee, shops, walk... I would only get to the shower point on my nice day...
    I like your knits, I could knit and crochet after you...