February 21, 2011

The house.

Some stills from 'The House', a video by the
Finnish artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila; I saw this movie last
weekend at the fantastic James Ensor exhibition,
HARENG SAUR. Pop over at Mieke Willems for more
photos and information;
the exhibition runs till Februari 27.

The bottom photo was taken at my place, I guess I
needed something yellow to close :^)

The House.


  1. :) and the actress is marjaana maijala- a friend of my daughter- funny to see a familiar face here!
    did you like the movie?

  2. Hello Ritva, I was waiting for you, really :^)
    I liked the movie very much and I would love to see more of this artist!

  3. It looks fascinating - very surreal with a cow running through the house! ;) Love your bit of yellow at the end :) Kx

  4. lovely post thanks for sharing it
    really nice

  5. I saw this film once in Kassel on the Dokumenta and its atmosphere stayed with me for a very long time! Great to see it again, even it is on your blog... Winneke (reader in Amsterdam)

  6. hahaa. yep, funny to see familiar face here;)
    i´m a big Ahtila fan. i once borrowed all her works on dvd from the library, and watched them in a row. ok, maybe not the ultimately best way to see video works.. but it was great!