February 25, 2011

More potholders.

Photo 1&3 are the same potholder; the one with
the flower in the middle once belonged to B.

Look here for the other five.

Thank you all for the nice words on my previous post :^)

Happy weekend!


  1. these are really nice. i missed the collection of the potholders of europe before, but i really love them all!

  2. so so nice/lovely/beautifull!
    I would all of them.
    nice week-end Renilde :-))

  3. so nice! i never know potholders could be this amazing!!

  4. Lovely patterns and colour, pot holders were the things I used to make a lot as a kid and doily as well...my mum was very pleased of course!
    ; )
    happy weekend to you Renilde.

  5. I like each of them and I like how they fit together, too. Pot holder love.
    I wish you lot of success with them in Australia.

  6. I really love them, Renilde - they're like works of art! I love the way you've done the colours and they do look totally AMAZING together :) Kx

  7. dit is crazy! zo mooi!!!!!!

  8. Ik ben echt zo zo zo zo verliefd op je 'potholders', ze worden schoner en schoner.

  9. PS: these are more than potholders...these are works of art! : )

  10. So beautiful :) i would love a collection of these to hang on the wall and join the one I once won from Hanna (inmanteli). X
    Keep up the stunning work.

  11. Oooo! These are so so gorgeous! Love the colours. x

  12. can one ever have enough of pot holders? nope, if they are as pretty as these:)

  13. I love your works too! so amazing! as soon as I saw your lovely pincushions and your other creations I fell in love with them.
    So I'm really happy about your visit :)
    Only doli blackberry and dolo monsieur tranchette are still avaible at my Etsy shop.
    Thank you again! and have a nice day!